Once again, raise your hands if you HAVEN'T seen my tits.

Hopefully someday I'll get to text a special someone "You can cross 'bang a lingerie model' off your list."

Unfortunately, it won't be this month because I just turned down what sounded like an awesome invitation to be a live model at Lille boutique's "Treat Yourself Right" event on the 13th. I have other obligations that weekend and it's kind of short notice but I think the Dr might be offering up her sweet titties for a good cause.

Even though I won't be there, maybe still check out the blog because it's really one of my favorite shops (lingerie or otherwise). The selection is impeccable and the shopgirls (Sarah and Sara) are super friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.


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Katie said...

I won't be there either. Boo! I would rather parade around in knickers than go to Italy, but duty calls.