Invisible heel...

Last month I was heading to the KO (duh) because John was djing and somehow broke the heel off of my Corso Como oxford. WTF? Managed to walk to the KO on one heel, and park myself on a barstool so that...

Erik and John could try to screw my heel back in with a power tool after Stacy and I were unsucessful at gluing it back on.

Erik was surprisingly able to fix the shoe enough that I could close down the Attic...so alright!


Mmmmm...butterscotch yo

That's kind of a gross title to anyone who ever saw KIDS. But whatever. I found a recipe for Butter Rum caramels this morning and I am going to make the hell out of them...They might debut at Lady Date this week or possibly at Curator over the weekend...


Ladydate blog

Just posted a preview menu for this week's lady date. I totally missed the last one, so this will be my first of 2010. And duh it's going to rule.




I < 3 LOVE

The new issue (#3!!) of Love magazine is out! Now! But, from what I can tell, nowhere in SF. I've checked Birch, Juicy News (stupid closed early), and the magazine shop in Russian Hill (it's like the Wall St Journal store or something?) and no luck. Any NYC peeps seen it yet? WANT.

The ridiculous stuff I buy, cont...

I spent two hours stopping by Bloomingdales, Neimans, Chanel boutique, and Macy's to find Particuliere, the limited edition Chanel nail polish that came out late last month. I talked myself out of buying it when it came out because duh, I have like A HUNDRED nail polishes. This one was all staying on my mind so I got a little obsessive (what? me?) and tracked it down at Saks thanks to a tip from the Chanel girl at Macy's (thanks dude). I thought I'd pass it on in case you ladies want one. It's pretty perf.

FYI @Pin the Tail

Pin the Tail (Carrie's adorable shop in the marina) is the only place I know in SF that carries Santa Maria Novella. I bought some of their amazing intimate wash over the weekend and I'm dying for the body milk...I put some on my hand and coudn't stop smelling it all day...

Anyway, check out the shop...She's carrying my salted and dark chocolate caramels, toffee, and heart shaped rose infused marshmallows for Valentine's Day, too.




Chanel temporary tatoos go on sale the 15th....Obvs adding them to my neverending list of nonsense I buy.

Does anyone else think it's a rad idea to get them really tattoo'd on? I'm down if you are.

Daily Candy


Carrie's rad shop Pin the Tail will be stocking Sugar Tits Valentine's candies starting next week, and got mentioned in Daily Candy! So Appropriate.

Of course Curator will have caramels, toffee, and a few other special treats tbd starting this weekend (I bought edible gold leaf fancypantses) and Megan is helping me with special V-Day (um, dirty) packaging. I'll update you with info and/or pictures if anyone has a digital camera or whatever. Let me know if there's anything you want to order/I can set aside.

XO jf