Dr Metal and I left our bikes locked outside while we went to dinner at Contogna on Sunday night. Well, honestly, it was drinks at waterbar before, and dancing at LiPos after. ANYWAY the point is that when I got home I found...Bike Basket Trash! I am telling you this happens all the time and for some reason cracks me up.


So I did this in 8th grade...

ugh the 90's are really, really back.




Megan came over last week so I could paint her nails(jade with gold half moons...what??), and they look fucking awesome. Dudes, come over and I'll do yours, too. Dr Metal (my neighbor) will make us drinks. xoxo jf.


I found this in my "drafts" folder from 8/25/08

I found this in my "drafts" folder from 8/25/08.

Post Title: I'll go Disco...

I started Saturday night at dinner drinking really fucking strong mojitos with Karla's parents. They were raelly [sic] fun to drink, then 'd hit a poclet [sic] of rum and realize where this was heading...

Karla and her mom sound the same when they are slurring, and we got along great. Also, now I have a place to stay whenever I am in Wisconsin!

This weekend was the Last Frisco Dicso [sic] Ever...for like the third time.

I came home with mud and glitter on my shoes, and a dude.

New tag: Bike Basket Trash

If I ever start remembering to bring my camera places with me (gift, thanks dad!) I will start taking pictures of the trash people leave in bike baskets. Because that shit cracks me up.



Paris je t'aime

KMB's going to Paris/Florence in a few weeks, so I am making a list of places for her to go. Ritz helped. By reading this post you are agreeing to bring me back candles (Cire Trudon), tea (Maraige Freres), and scented erasers(!)(Astier de Villatte. )

--This shop looks fucking amazing. You can get the candles here in the US (at Barneys, natch), but that's about it. They make amazing ceramics, print their own paper/stationary, and bet there's french-only candles you can only get at the shop. Also I want a couple of their scented erasers!


English write up:

--Of course you will go for tea at Mariage Freres. And maybe bring me back decaf tea that you can only get in france, they have better packaging when you buy it there:


--Another candle store, most of the selection is only in france: http://www.ciretrudon.com/

--If you go nowhere else:


--Christian Louboutin's favorite restaurant in Paris. Just though you should know:



xoxo Sugartits

No, those aren't my boobs.

Did a pretty awesome manicure the other day, using Essie Glamour Purse** as the base, and OPI gold crackle on top. So good. It's all sparkly in the sun and the crackle hides chips and crappy pain jobs.

**You can also use, like, any other grey/beige, griege nail polish. Of which there are lots. And lots. Some with less stupid names.


aw shit...

So i've always been like...whatever La Mer, thinking it's kind of too greasy and i don't love the smell. but when i was visiting ritz this weekend in LA, she gave me a generous sample and now i want some. so good. UGH.


Goth's not dead

Last night on the BART to Aakland for the Giants/A's game, some pseudo goth dude was wearing a shirt that said "Murder Never Dies." He was listing to AFI on his headphone I could tell!



I keep meaning to start a newer lady blog but fuck it ima start writing on this one again. I'm filling in at Curator this weekend (with the INTERNET!) so i'll post some stuff. Or whatever.