nobody likes eye wrinkles.

I randomly bought some high-end looking sunglasses at one of the rich-lady thrift stores in Russian Hill over the weekend. The glasses were priced at $24, which is too much to pay for glasses at the thrift store (and I am hella cheap when it comes to thrifting) but something about them just seemed...nice. The color and weight of the frames, the shape...plus the lenses manage to filter the sun in a way the prevents squinting but doesn't darken your field of view.

Turns out the pair I am wearing today are these, selling for $85 on ebay:

I also got this pair, also selling for $85:

The store had three other pairs I didn't get because really, $24 is too much to pay for thrift store sunglasses. But now that I think I should go back an buy them all so I'll be set for life with sunglasses. One pair was pretty cool like weird goggles but super retro moddish, but the shop wanted $50 for them! ugh. But I have a feeling I'd better do my research on those because maybe they are some cray cray brand and could turn out to be one of those amazing thrift store finds of a lifetime.

This weekend text

J: Ugh, just started raining, now going to ruin my shoes.

M: You know what won't ruin your shoes? My bed.



on poo and kittens

JF: I am going to start signing my name like this…fÔft

KK: um, okay. You've got a lot of time on your hands.

JF: yup.

KK: I'm spending my time making a powerpoint presentation about my self. read about what I have to do:
…a 5-10 min presentation on your educational background and how that fits into the typical US PhD

JF: can you do it funny? like at all...?

KK: I don't know!! Its going to be a bunch of euros and I'm not sure they will get my humor? Like if I'm all "I got into graduate school cause I wore a really low cut shirt to the interview??"

JF: maybe sneak in funny science jokes? or cartoons? or pictures of kittens doing science experiments?

KK: please find me pictures of kittens doing science experiments.

JF: surprisingly this is a challenge...i've searched:

kitten in lab coats
kitten doctor
kitten scientist
kitten laboratory
kitten medical

and so far this is the best picture I can find. It's unrelated, though. still lols.

KK: ah shit. I just almost peed my pants.

JF: yeah it's so cute because the lil guy just looks so...sad...about it :(

JF: ok now I just found a website of mutant kittens and had to look. so sad now! going to read I can haz cheeseburgers now kthxbai!

KK: Yeah, I was afraid I was going to find photos of kittens that had experiments done ON them. Peta shit and what not.

KK: BTW, why doesn't my dog have a lab coat? I've got to get on that...

JF: omg dr jack! or Murse jack?

KK: my dogs a gay, so he would obviously be a murse.

JF: you can get him a lil fanny pack with supplies in there? and scrubs with other dogs on them?

KK: And he can wear the lil foot booties so he stops tracking mud into the house. and he'll wear a stethoscope.
KK: Jack got poop on my coat last night. I sat down on the couch and he hopped on my lap, and then when he moved there was poo on my coat. I had to bathe him and then I shaved his butt hair with E's clippers. Don't tell him.

JF: oh your secret is safe with me. just one more thing for you and i to crack up about when E does something and he has no idea what's happening. we leave him befuddled.

KK: please submit to Foggy monocle. I need reinforcement that we are funny

JF: we maybe need to make it sluttier than that? or more about drugs? like how last night M and I drank manhattans with liquid codeine floats and I woke up next to him naked but we didn't have the sex. (true story)
It might be funny if the convo ended with:
JF: well, you shaved your dog's butt with your husband's clippers. My night was about codine floats on my manhattans and waking up naked but unsexed next to M.
KK: How are even still BFF?
JF: Cause you still love the condeine float?
KK: Its the truth.
Or, on another note, we could mention that those are the clippers that E uses to clip his balls (for reals).


today on sfist:

A hipster is somebody you don't like who goes to the same places you do.


In no particular order...

Last night I:

Went to a bar wearing yoga pants and 3.5 inch eelskin heels
Met Marlena (of Marlena’s)
Drank a scotch flight
Drank a mini chartreuse flight
Ate crab
Talked to my brother on the phone for a half hour
Painted my nails light grey
Made ‘stay in, eat pizza, watch a movie’ date for tonight
Knocked over and broke a bell jar and cut my ankle
Floated liquid codeine into a manhattan


things stay the same but get better...

I just sent this text to RCaley:

Listening to TILT at work, wearing chucks. Been going on dates with a boy who has a Jonathan Fireeater tattoo. I am living 15 year old me's idea of adulthood.

Once again, raise your hands if you HAVEN'T seen my tits.

Hopefully someday I'll get to text a special someone "You can cross 'bang a lingerie model' off your list."

Unfortunately, it won't be this month because I just turned down what sounded like an awesome invitation to be a live model at Lille boutique's "Treat Yourself Right" event on the 13th. I have other obligations that weekend and it's kind of short notice but I think the Dr might be offering up her sweet titties for a good cause.

Even though I won't be there, maybe still check out the blog because it's really one of my favorite shops (lingerie or otherwise). The selection is impeccable and the shopgirls (Sarah and Sara) are super friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.