on poo and kittens

JF: I am going to start signing my name like this…fÔft

KK: um, okay. You've got a lot of time on your hands.

JF: yup.

KK: I'm spending my time making a powerpoint presentation about my self. read about what I have to do:
…a 5-10 min presentation on your educational background and how that fits into the typical US PhD

JF: can you do it funny? like at all...?

KK: I don't know!! Its going to be a bunch of euros and I'm not sure they will get my humor? Like if I'm all "I got into graduate school cause I wore a really low cut shirt to the interview??"

JF: maybe sneak in funny science jokes? or cartoons? or pictures of kittens doing science experiments?

KK: please find me pictures of kittens doing science experiments.

JF: surprisingly this is a challenge...i've searched:

kitten in lab coats
kitten doctor
kitten scientist
kitten laboratory
kitten medical

and so far this is the best picture I can find. It's unrelated, though. still lols.

KK: ah shit. I just almost peed my pants.

JF: yeah it's so cute because the lil guy just looks so...sad...about it :(

JF: ok now I just found a website of mutant kittens and had to look. so sad now! going to read I can haz cheeseburgers now kthxbai!

KK: Yeah, I was afraid I was going to find photos of kittens that had experiments done ON them. Peta shit and what not.

KK: BTW, why doesn't my dog have a lab coat? I've got to get on that...

JF: omg dr jack! or Murse jack?

KK: my dogs a gay, so he would obviously be a murse.

JF: you can get him a lil fanny pack with supplies in there? and scrubs with other dogs on them?

KK: And he can wear the lil foot booties so he stops tracking mud into the house. and he'll wear a stethoscope.
KK: Jack got poop on my coat last night. I sat down on the couch and he hopped on my lap, and then when he moved there was poo on my coat. I had to bathe him and then I shaved his butt hair with E's clippers. Don't tell him.

JF: oh your secret is safe with me. just one more thing for you and i to crack up about when E does something and he has no idea what's happening. we leave him befuddled.

KK: please submit to Foggy monocle. I need reinforcement that we are funny

JF: we maybe need to make it sluttier than that? or more about drugs? like how last night M and I drank manhattans with liquid codeine floats and I woke up next to him naked but we didn't have the sex. (true story)
It might be funny if the convo ended with:
JF: well, you shaved your dog's butt with your husband's clippers. My night was about codine floats on my manhattans and waking up naked but unsexed next to M.
KK: How are even still BFF?
JF: Cause you still love the condeine float?
KK: Its the truth.
Or, on another note, we could mention that those are the clippers that E uses to clip his balls (for reals).

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