nobody likes eye wrinkles.

I randomly bought some high-end looking sunglasses at one of the rich-lady thrift stores in Russian Hill over the weekend. The glasses were priced at $24, which is too much to pay for glasses at the thrift store (and I am hella cheap when it comes to thrifting) but something about them just seemed...nice. The color and weight of the frames, the shape...plus the lenses manage to filter the sun in a way the prevents squinting but doesn't darken your field of view.

Turns out the pair I am wearing today are these, selling for $85 on ebay:

I also got this pair, also selling for $85:

The store had three other pairs I didn't get because really, $24 is too much to pay for thrift store sunglasses. But now that I think I should go back an buy them all so I'll be set for life with sunglasses. One pair was pretty cool like weird goggles but super retro moddish, but the shop wanted $50 for them! ugh. But I have a feeling I'd better do my research on those because maybe they are some cray cray brand and could turn out to be one of those amazing thrift store finds of a lifetime.

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g kitten said...

whats the brand? i know A LOT about vintage sunglasses...