Last night

My coworker email to ask what I did last night and I wrote back:

Birthday party at the Casanova, had martinis, champagne & birthday cake for dinner. Hung out at Dolores park til late drinking rum like a pirate. Crashed a weird house party/rave then went to the lone palm and talked about science til it was time to ride my bike home. You know, the ushe.

Oh, summertime.


text games to play

So I'm deleting these text from my phone (sent box). But they are really good, and I want to preserve them. I was playing one of my favorite games called 'what are you wearing?' that I play with myself all the time and sometimes with dudes. (I am typically more into it, but most dudes are boring dressers anyway).

"Heading Home. tight vintage dress, black sheer AP bra, knickers, heels (obvs), lipgloss, hotel costes body oil. sweet dreams, etc. j"

"High Waisted vintage pink sheer knickers, thin grey tee shirt, wet hair, smelling like vetiver, velvet, and talc. sweet dreams, j"

so there. now these sexytime texts are for my ladies who can motherfucking appreciate it.


Crazypants stalkerpants

I’m open to pretty much any suggestions at this point. Crazystalkerpants girl has been calling 4 times a day, and stopping by my apartment just to, you know, call me a slut or a whore (sometimes skank or ho). The police haven't done anything about it yet, and I just don't know what to do...I keep trying to remind myself that’s she’s a.) crazy, and b.) probably doing this to like ten other people, and c.) dudes it’s like I’m a celebrity!, but really, this is just annoying. Anyone know how to set up a surveillance camera in my building lobby and/or want to volunteer for a stakeout with me? Ugh.