Crazypants stalkerpants

I’m open to pretty much any suggestions at this point. Crazystalkerpants girl has been calling 4 times a day, and stopping by my apartment just to, you know, call me a slut or a whore (sometimes skank or ho). The police haven't done anything about it yet, and I just don't know what to do...I keep trying to remind myself that’s she’s a.) crazy, and b.) probably doing this to like ten other people, and c.) dudes it’s like I’m a celebrity!, but really, this is just annoying. Anyone know how to set up a surveillance camera in my building lobby and/or want to volunteer for a stakeout with me? Ugh.

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Katie said...

Dude. How many times do I have to volunteer to call this bitch? I will so tell her where she can shove her jealousy of your sex life. And you should hire a PI.