are you calling me fat?

My afternoon snack today (after many mind numbing hours of protocol revisions) was double stuff'd Oreos and a glass of milk. Because I'm like seven.

Anyway, these un-hydrogenated filling-ed Oreos were kinda gross. The filling was the consistency of toothpaste and the cookie was mushy. Those things used to be hella crunchy and the filling was delightfully solid (arguably gross, but the gross I grew up with).

Do you think I can still get TransFat filled oreos anywhere? Like in Mexico? Can someone check that out for me? KTHX.


Gentleladies recap a night out:

JF: How are you holding up?

MF: A bit rough. Need to sleep more. Got to bed at 5am. Unfortunately, I got bored in your absence and made out with A’s roommate. Woops.

JF: Wait…the stoner?!

MF: Um…they were all stoners? The one that was dancing with us, with the dark hair. Wish I didn’t. Now I have his number and he expects me to call him.

JF: Headband guy?!

MF: Sadly, yes. If it makes you feel any better, he stopped wearing that after the iron man challenge was over. I’m going to assume it was for sporting purposes.

JF: No I made him take it off then I hid it behind the couch!

MF: Great. He’s a total retard. Is it wrong to never call him?

JF: You can call him ironically?

MF: Was so drunk, and making out w him ironically, that when he gave me the number, I actually asked when he wanted me to call and why.

JF :Also I am going to blog about that but won’t use your name and will change some details to protect your anonymity. Not changing the headband part, though.

MF: Rad. Thanks for making this more embarrassing ;) I fuck up one time…

JF: I fuck up all the time which is why I have a blog.

JF: He’s probably thanking his lucky stars or at least his ironic hipster accessories. I mean, now he’s going to think that headband is a pussy magnet..

MF: Well, he didn’t get any pussy. Just kissing on the front porch

MF: O.k. If you’re blogging now be sure to mention that the dude is way younger, weighs less than me, and didn’t seem to mind that i was laughing and shaking my head while he was trying to rub his face on my face

MF: Also, I then spat a lot on the way home and picked up a black bandana I found on the street. Drunk!


I should figure out how to live-blog this.

Megan just invited me to this...

"Going away party for a coworker/friend who's going into the peace corp in Africa. In celebration/farewell to American excess, it's an Iron Man challenge wherein teams of 4 compete to see who can drink 30 beers, smoke 2 grams of weed, eat 1 large pizza, and assemble a 200 piece puzzle the fastest. Cash prize for the winner. I'm not participating, because I party better when I don't barf. I might help in an official capacity. It should be some kind of spectacle, anyway. Party doors open at 9pm, contest to commence at 10. Location is Steiner between Oak and Fell, so staggering distance. Let me know."


It's not even Friday...

...and I have a case of the Mondays :(

Luckily, this lil guy on my desktop is cheering me right up!

breakfast of champs

Cold (Homemade) Pizza for breakfast today. Also, I took a vitamin.