Gentleladies recap a night out:

JF: How are you holding up?

MF: A bit rough. Need to sleep more. Got to bed at 5am. Unfortunately, I got bored in your absence and made out with A’s roommate. Woops.

JF: Wait…the stoner?!

MF: Um…they were all stoners? The one that was dancing with us, with the dark hair. Wish I didn’t. Now I have his number and he expects me to call him.

JF: Headband guy?!

MF: Sadly, yes. If it makes you feel any better, he stopped wearing that after the iron man challenge was over. I’m going to assume it was for sporting purposes.

JF: No I made him take it off then I hid it behind the couch!

MF: Great. He’s a total retard. Is it wrong to never call him?

JF: You can call him ironically?

MF: Was so drunk, and making out w him ironically, that when he gave me the number, I actually asked when he wanted me to call and why.

JF :Also I am going to blog about that but won’t use your name and will change some details to protect your anonymity. Not changing the headband part, though.

MF: Rad. Thanks for making this more embarrassing ;) I fuck up one time…

JF: I fuck up all the time which is why I have a blog.

JF: He’s probably thanking his lucky stars or at least his ironic hipster accessories. I mean, now he’s going to think that headband is a pussy magnet..

MF: Well, he didn’t get any pussy. Just kissing on the front porch

MF: O.k. If you’re blogging now be sure to mention that the dude is way younger, weighs less than me, and didn’t seem to mind that i was laughing and shaking my head while he was trying to rub his face on my face

MF: Also, I then spat a lot on the way home and picked up a black bandana I found on the street. Drunk!

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Katie said...

Dude, you have funny convos with someone besides me? SAD FACE.