Paris je t'aime

KMB's going to Paris/Florence in a few weeks, so I am making a list of places for her to go. Ritz helped. By reading this post you are agreeing to bring me back candles (Cire Trudon), tea (Maraige Freres), and scented erasers(!)(Astier de Villatte. )

--This shop looks fucking amazing. You can get the candles here in the US (at Barneys, natch), but that's about it. They make amazing ceramics, print their own paper/stationary, and bet there's french-only candles you can only get at the shop. Also I want a couple of their scented erasers!


English write up:

--Of course you will go for tea at Mariage Freres. And maybe bring me back decaf tea that you can only get in france, they have better packaging when you buy it there:


--Another candle store, most of the selection is only in france: http://www.ciretrudon.com/

--If you go nowhere else:


--Christian Louboutin's favorite restaurant in Paris. Just though you should know:



xoxo Sugartits

No, those aren't my boobs.

Did a pretty awesome manicure the other day, using Essie Glamour Purse** as the base, and OPI gold crackle on top. So good. It's all sparkly in the sun and the crackle hides chips and crappy pain jobs.

**You can also use, like, any other grey/beige, griege nail polish. Of which there are lots. And lots. Some with less stupid names.