This guy emailed me...


I agree, Dita.

I can't use iphone...I HATE my ipod touch, and you can't use either if you have long nails! I choose nails over iphone! But love apple, FYI!

--Tweet from Dita Von Teese.


LA poopoo

Hanging out with Wifey, drinking a beer for breakfast...

Despite a ridiculous delay at SFO yesterday, my LA vacation is already fantastic. Ritz took me straight from the airport to Tito's tacos, then back to her place to hang out with Felix the cat. Dinner, then home to sleep til, well, now (2pm). Now bloggin in my underwear drinking an Asahi, text-making plans for a suburban pool party at Sarai's parent's house. Once i finish my beer we're going to pinkberry for lunch, then shopping at Kiki de Montparnasse and Coco de Mer because, well, I can.

Anyway, I have the internets at my fingertips so I'll update everyone on all the stupid shit we do this weekend.