pussy cart.

KK: What's up with BK?

JF: i have to email and remind him he's got to kick whatever lame girls he's got hanging around out of his bed for a week while i'm in town. i can maybe mention that he should also not leave condom wrappers from said girls on the floor where i can see them...but i maybe don't care that much because i am a ho.

KK: I'm glad to hear that you'll still be banging BK. Doesn't he have family to visit for Thanksgiving?

JF: i dunno. i should text him and remind him the pussy shop's in town.

KK: omg. the pussy cart. hahahahaha

JF: the pussy trunk show? wait that implies my pussy is big and spacious like a trunk and it is not! exclusive pussy collection? pussy gift with purchase?

KK: I'm into the idea of the pussy cart, like how downtown there is collection of food carts. portland is really big into the food cart scene. I saw one yesterday that just served waffles and ice cream. Yours would just serve pussy. and handjobs on the side...

JF: it would be more like the bacon wrapped hot dog carts in the mission...open late night/for hipsters.


bloggin in my sleep.

Last night I took half a valium with my pm glass of jug wine because I couldn’t sleep (which was totally my fault because I spent the entire day in pj’s/wrapped in a blanket alternately napping/playing with teh kittens) and woke up from a nightmare thinking I HAD to blog about it. But I think the dream/nightmare was just that there was a hole in my bathroom wall so I couldn’t use it. Then I woke up really having to pee (thanks jug wine) so that explains it I guess.

Said kittens are available for cute time whenever you want to stop by. They love you.