Fasionable Nails

Creative Nail Design (CND) is now going to sell some limited ed. bottles of the colors they custom mixed for Fall 09 runway shows. Fucking brilliant. They used to publish the "recipes" and you'd have to buy the separate colors and make 'em yourself, but this is rad. The pre-mixed polishes will sell for $18, so not cheap, but I already ordered the colors to make the color from last season's Philip Lim show (bright orang-ey pink) so I'll let you know how it goes...


The website doesn't have all the colors up yet, so I'll update when they do. Designers whose colors are offered include: Karen Walker (a dirty grey-ish blue), Ruffian (dark purple, shown on the runway as a reverse manicure), Diesel (opaque dark brown), Catherine Malandrino(some kind of nude), and DKNY (deep berry-ish purple). The others remain a mistery at least til I have the time to do more internets searcin' for 'em.

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