Worst week ever.

No really, I think I am going to list the reasons because seriously, last week was the worse ever. In no particular order:

1. I found out last week that my job is being “restructured.” Great.

I think I’ll be able to take something part time that I’d actually like to do vs. another full time position that would be loathful. However, this leaves me soon to be underemployed and seeking work as a shop girl/bartender/coat check/door girl/private dancer/babysitter/cook/etc in case you can think of any once a week or so gigs. No seriously I mean it this time! I am good at these things, I am reliable, and do you guys really want me to have to be a hooker?? LET ME BARTEND YOUR PARTY.

2. My wife (tiny) moved to LA.

Sure it’s sunny and she can wear gross flip flops all day but now who am I going to giggle with? The plus side is that Felix the cat will be shacking up with me which ought to help with…

3….breaking up with M.

I’ll get into it another time in case you haven’t already heard. Boys whatever. Kitteh’s to the rescue!

4. Only not the ones who trap themselves in my wall for three days...

...necessitating multiple visits from the SPCA, countless hours of worry, a couple sleepless nights (kept thinking I heard a crying kitten…heartbreaking!) and finally setting a big metal kitten trap in my bathroom. Finally caught the little jerk after a three day standoff.

5. I found grey hair for the first time and not just a little of it.

Crappity. I thought having brown hair was going to work out for a while but no way jose, I’m going back to blonde. Already have an appointment for later this week in fact.

Um, sorry for the super downer, but really this is all too much. Last night over mojitos Megan and I made a hilarious list of blog topics so with my free time I might try to be more amusing.


She-bible said...

Dude. Let's get some giggles on. TONIGHT!

Anonymous said...

tiny wife coming to visit soon!!!