Zoya nail polish exchange

Zoya is having a great promotion where you can send in your old nail polishes (any color, brand, doesn't matter if they are used or even empty!) and exchange them for new polish of your choice. This is really great because this brand is free of Toluene and Formaldehyde. Basically you can exchange your old crappy, chemical laden ones for newer, more environmentally friendly colors.

You do have to pay shipping to send the old ones to them, and it's $3 per bottle for the shipping and handling, but Zoya is usually $8 a bottle, so that's a great deal.

I don't have too many superfluous bottle of poilsh around because I tend to give them away to friends if the color doesn't suit me, but I am sending a few in. If you girls have any polishes lying around that you don't want, get them to me in the next few weeks and I'll mail them in with mine and give you the new ones in return. I'll work on posting some of my favorite colors/recommendations soon...

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Katie said...

It's a bummer you have to have a minimum of 6. I don't have that many laying around that i don't want, since I'm always throwing mine away. I'm trying to get my Mom in on it as she has every nail polish she's purchased since like 1960. Like, 100s of them.