Six of one/half dozen of the other...

The other night i was at some event cuz it was supposed to be open bar (but was NOT) and ended up dancing/drinking/hanging out with some friends I haven’t seen in a while. One of them gave me a flyer for an event he was djing, a big all night party that I feel too old to attend. Dudes, I looked at the flyer and was like…oh He’s djing? And so’s HE? And realized there would be at least three dudes at that party who have at lease seen me naked (I haven’t, you know, banged all of ‘em, but still). I can hypothesize on at least two, and maybe three other guys who might be there and round the number up to six. Which would be hilarious.

If I go, and if that happens, I will be running my first ever d-cupcake contest to see who can name ‘em all or at least describe them by how we met/where they’re from/why I never slept with them again. The prize would probably be my prank calling one or more of them to see which one I can get to come over first or at least buy me drinks.

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