Second date = second base (stealing third)

So I went on a second date with A last week. First date was drinks, an awesome movie, then more drinks. It went really well and we said we'd get together again soon. And then…

I was home baking strawberry rhubarb pies when A called and offered to host an evening including his big screen tv, impressive movie collection, and, uh, bed. Obvs I LOVE watching tv, and in combination with a dude to mack on I was so there. After my pies came out of the oven, I put on a slut outfit (clothing appropriate for the nighttime AND work the next day), got too lazy to walk and called a cab. (which took like 45 minutes and I was really annoyed by then but whatever.) He lives really close to me so I got there in no time. We made small talk and decided to watch fairly obscure David Cronenberg film.

Anyway, we were cuddled up a bit, mocking the shitty dialogue and amazing mullet on the main character and it didn't take long before dude was getting all gropy and he kept leaning over to kiss me. I didn't really mind too much, since that's what I was there for and typically, I like dudes who make the moves on me. So we progressed from kissing/cuddling, to him playing with my tits (awesome) and my dress was on the floor/his shirt was off. At some point he said to me …"turn around I want to spank you," and I was like OK, because I always think a little kink is fun and who doesn't like getting spanked? Kinky boys always make me giggly/horny so I was pretty stoked. I'm thinking, way to keep it fun and interesting dude.

So I turn around, he slaps my ass a couple times playfully, and I was waiting for him to make the next move (either break into laughter, or, like take it to whatever next level that stuff goes to) and all of a sudden I hear him ripping open a condom and he says, "I really want to slide into you, you're so hot." Which was a bit abrupt to go from jokingly rolling around the bed to full on hitting it from behind THE FIRST TIME WE (were maybe going to) HAVE SEX. I mean, I hadn't given him an indication I was for sure going to fuck him yet, so I thought he was being a bit presumptuous.

Having been in plenty of casual sex situations before, I was thinking that this could go either way. Fucking him right now, with minimal foreplay and letting him take complete control might be really hot. But the more I thought about it, I was not totally wanting to bone down. I assume he could sense my hesitation because he asked me, "is this ok?," and I took that opportunity to be like, uh, no. Really, I felt like it was an awkward transition and that he was either a) nervous/inexperienced or b) a jerk. Giving him the benefit of the doubt I was like fuck it (heh) and went back to the make out cuz, you know, boners are fun to be around and I wasn’t, like going to leave.

I ended up giving him a quick bj, then the night was pretty much over after he hopped out of bed to do a few “bong rips” and then didn’t go down on me. And I never called him again.

Anyway, I kind of last track of this story. I need an editor.

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