That magic moment...

...No, not the one where you first realize you’re going to eff some dude.That's a magic moment, but not the one I'm talking about right now. What I mean is when you are making out with some dude, you, like, KNOW you're gunna fuck him…and not because you're drunk, or because you're horny and he'll do…but because you know he's a good kisser and you can TELL he's good with his hands and you're pretty sure he's going to give some sweet ass head so you're already going to look forward to this...but then you cop a feel, covertly glance at his bathing suit area, or get bonerspooned while he's reaching around to grab a tit or two...and it's like...fuck this guy is HUNG. Then you just know an indulgent night is ahead of you.

Part of it is that given more ween to work with, you can def get in some deeper spots in missionary position if you're feeling lazy and/or uncreative. But you can also experiment with some other crazy/awesome positions that an extra inch or two make possible. Some dicks just have more options**.

I'm assuming no dudes are even reading this and needing reassurance and I'm sure my ladies will second that size isn't the most important factor. But all things being equal it sure is nice if that sweet head giving, sort of kinky, breathtaking kisser happens to have some high quality junk to bang with. You feel me?

**Exempting those ridic giant dicks that are literally like a baby's arm. Those things effing HURT and I feel kind of bad for dudes packing that kind of heat. Yikes.

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Katie said...

Dude, leave my baby's arm out of this.